Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In accordance with the terms of the legislation on protection of personal data, METRORENT, in its capacity as responsible for its treatment, will process the LESSEE’s personal data for various purposes, namely (a) customer management; (b) compliance with legal obligations (Decree-Law No. 181/2012 of August 6 and 15/88 of January 16); (c) market research. For the effects of the execution of this Contract, the LESSEE expressly authorizes METRORENT to proceed expressly and unequivocally with the respective collection and treatment of the following categories of personal data: name; phone and/or cell number; sex; age; address; taxpayer number; identity document number and date of issue; passport number and date of issue; citizen card and expiration date; another identification document; driving license number and date of issue; email and IBAN.

The LESSEE authorizes that, in the event of breach of this Contract, METRORENT transfers his personal data to ARAC (Rental Association of Industrial Vehicles without Drivers), for inclusion in the database of defaulting customers, which is duly authorized by the National Commission of Data Protection.

For the purposes of this Contract, and management of the contractual relationship, that is, the steps prior to the signing of the Contract and the form of the commercial will, as well as the search for the legitimate interests of METRORENT, the LESSEE expressly authorizes METRORENT to make the physical and/or digital reproduction of the Citizen Card/ID Card, as well as the driving license, to keep the respective reproductions for the time strictly necessary for the purposes in question
METRORENT will keep the personal data collected during the period strictly necessary to achieve the purpose for which it is intended, in accordance with the provisions of Decree-Law No. 181/2012, of August 6.

METRORENT may communicate the data collected to third parties with the aim of providing services: (a) namely, marketing services, taking into account this transfer, for all purposes, carried out on behalf of METRORENT and only if it offers sufficient guarantees regarding to the security measures implemented; (b) to the police and/or judicial authorities, in the event of a request for breaking of the Highway Code and for reasons of criminal investigation; and (c) to ARAC for inclusion in a database in case of non-compliance.

METRORENT, as being responsible for the processing of personal data, guarantees the LESSEE the exercise of the rights provided for in the legislation, namely, the right of opposition, rectification and deletion, which must be done by email to or by certified mail to METRORENT Administration, Rua Abade Correia Serra, No. 54, 4460-208 Senhora da Hora.
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