• May I change my booking even after having made the payment?
    Yes. You must contact our Booking Centre through, always including your booking number. Booking will be changed as requested and the amount adjusted according to the new order.
  • What is the minimum age required to rent a car?
    In most segments, the minimum age of the driver and additional drivers is 21 years. A young driver rate of €12.20 per day, up to a maximum of €126 per rental, will apply to drivers between the ages of 19 and 21.
    Maximum of two young drivers per rental. Drivers must have at least a one-year valid driving license.
    - For vehicles (SIPP Code) of the PWAR, PDAR, GFAR, LFAR, LLAR, PEAD Group, the
    minimum age is 25 years (without the possibility of hiring an additional young driver).
  • May I collect the vehicle without having my driving license with me?
    Unfortunately you may not collect the car in this case, since the presentation of all documents is mandatory to rent a vehicle.
  • What type of driving license do I need to rent a car?
    All vehicle segments available in our fleet must be driven with a license for light vehicles (Category B).
  • May I carry animals in the rental car?
    Domestic pets are allowed inside the vehicle. An extra interior cleaning fee (€ 140) will be charged if the car is delivered dirty. For the transportation of other animals, a written authorization from Metrorent is required.
  • May I drive my rental car abroad?
    The lessee may only use the vehicle outside the Portuguese mainland in those countries covered by the International Green Card Certificate, after written authorization from Metrorent.
    The lessee must request authorization at least 48 hours in advance, assuming that the vehicle cannot leave in the event of Metrorent has not issued an answer.
  • Must the additional driver be present when the vehicle is collected?
    No, when collecting the vehicle, the additional driver must just be indicated and the documentation of each one of the drivers presented (BI, driving license and taxpayer card).
  • May I rent a car if I have points or infractions in my driving license?
    A valid driving license is required to collect the vehicle at the office. As long as the number of points or infractions has not exceeded the legal limit, the license will remain valid for rental purposes. The validity of the driving license must exceed the date of delivery of your rented vehicle.
  • I am not completely satisfied with the vehicle I chose. Is it possible to replace it?
    Yes, depending on availability at the rental office, you may change your booking, request a higher, or lower vehicle class, when available. The new vehicle will be changed in your booking, as well as the price difference.
  • May I get a higher level car than the reserved one when I collect it?
    Yes, subject to the availability of such vehicles in the rental office. When you arrive at the office in order to collect your vehicle, you may request a higher or lower vehicle class, if available. Metrorent employees will deliver the new vehicle and charge you the price
  • May I make a booking on behalf of someone else?
    No, the owner of the credit card that makes the booking and deposit must be the main driver, as mentioned in the rental agreement.
  • I made a booking, may I cancel it without being subject to a penalty?
    About the cancellation of bookings and whenever it occurs up to 48 hours before the booking date, no amount will be charged. After this period, the amount corresponding to a rental day is charged.
    - Vehicles with 8 and 9 seats (a daily rent will always be charged).
  • What documents should I present when collecting the vehicle?
    1) Driving license, issued over a year ago, and valid in the EC.
    2) Identification document, passport, identity card / citizen card.
    3) Taxpayer card for residents in the national territory.

Prices, Payment Methods and Invoices

  • May I lengthen the car rental?
    It is possible to lengthen the rental period at the time of collection or during the rental itself.
    You should contact or go to the nearest rental office. The extension is subject to vehicle availability and additional payment. Legally, the updated contract is only valid when signed by both parties and, as such, involves a face-to-face procedure. Please note that our contracts offer a 59-minute grace. After this period, the additional value corresponds to 24-hour period.
  • How may I pay the reservation?
    - Credit cards: American Express | MasterCard | Visa | Diners Club
    - Debit cards
    - In cash
    - With cheques
    - Bank transfer

    Credit card
    The main driver must be in possession of a credit card in his own name to collect the vehicle. The credit card must have sufficient funds available to charge the amount of the franchise / deposit (which will be blocked on the credit card during your rental). The card
    will also be used to pay local taxes, additional equipment and any other extra services purchased at the rental counter.
    The main driver must present this rental voucher when collecting the car.
    See all the information in the Rental Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • May I do a simulation online without confirming the reservation?
    Of course. Whenever you search for renting a vehicle, we will only show the available ones and their prices, without obligation of renting them at all.
  • When should I pay the car rental?
    If the vehicle is booked at any of our counters, payment will be made upon delivery.
    Otherwise, if it is online, you must leave a deposit to guarantee your previous booking.
  • Are there any additional costs as well as the base rental price?
    - VAT (at the current rate)
    - Circulation supplement
    - Civil liability insurance
    - CDW insurance (with franchise liability)*
    - 24-hour assistance
    *Franchise will depend on vehicle segment.

Protections / Assistance

Extras / Equipment


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